New website

We are pleased to announce the lauch of the new version of our website! Thanks to Julie Poupart and Lorène Penazzi for their nice work and dedication.… Read More

Richard Boyce – Student trainee spotlight of March 2017

The Douglas Hospital Research Centre has chosen Richard Boyce as the first trainee to be featuree in the Trainee spotlight section of their website. Read an interview with Richard here:… Read More

A Discovery from the Williams lab in the Quebec Science top 10 discoveries of 2016

Research from the Sylvain Williams laboratory was chosen as one of the top ten discoveries of 2016 by Quebec Science magazine. The group was able to show that REM sleep plays an important role in memory consolidation. They used an advanced optogenetics approach to block theta oscillation in the hippocampus specifically in this sleep phase,… Read More

Williams lab publishes paper in Science showing REM sleep has a role in memory formation

Sylvain Williams recently published an article in the Journal Science in which he provides evidence that Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is involved in memory formation in mice. “We already knew that newly acquired information is stored into different types of memories, spatial or emotional, before being consolidated or integrated,” says Sylvain Williams, a researcher and… Read More