Sylvain Williams

Sylvain Williams, PhD
Principal Investigator

Frédéric Manseau, PhD.
Research Associate
Ning Gu, PhD.
Postdoctoral fellow.
Theta-gamma oscillation topography and plasticity
Benedicte Amilhon, PhD.
Postdoctoral fellow.
Optogenetics of interneurons in hippocampus.
Siddharta Montdragon PhD.
Postdoctoral fellow.
Role and alterations of septal neurons in Alzheimer’s disease.
Christian Kortleven, PhD.
Postdoctoral fellow.
Interactions between theta generators in hippocampus.
Caroline Fassano, PhD.
Postdoctoral fellow (from Salah Mestikawi lab)
Guillaume Ducharme,
PhD student.
Optogenetic investigation of the role of septal neurons in theta rhythm.
Jennifer Robinson,
PhD student.
Optogenetics and septal neurons.
Richard Boyce,
PhD student (co supervised with Dr Antoine Adamantidis).
Role of septum in theta rhythm in vivo.
Heather Nichol,
MSc student