Microscopy Facility

The Douglas Institute’s Molecular and Cellular Microscopy Platform (MCMP) offers researchers a platform equiped with large variety of imaging device to analyse brain imaging data from functional and structural neuroimaging techniques.

  • Confocal laser scanning system (cLSM)
  • Slice scanner
  • MBF microscope
  • Apotom microscope
  • New generation multiphoton microscope (in vitro, in vivo)


Animal Facility

mouseThe Neurophenotyping service platform of the Douglas Hospital Research Centre provides expertise in all aspects of behavioural testing as well as data analysis and interpretation. The Neurophenotyping service platform Centre is fully equipped to accommodate a full battery of behavioural tests relevant to anxiety, memory and learning, motor function, nociception and drug effects, stress, Impulsivity and test for drug side effects.